So most of you reading this will probably know I’m big into the world of manifesting and the law of attraction. For years (literally about 4) I have had it on my manifesting list to manifest a new kitchen. I would sit at night listening to meditations and visualise the feeling of running my hands along new kitchen worktops and having a clear clutter free space that I loved cooking in. I would really see myself inside the space.

After a while, we decided that we should just sort the kitchen out ourselves. I had been visualising for years and nothing had happened, and we were now in a position to do a small scale kitchen reno. So we went to a high street retailer to go and see what they could do in terms of kitchen design. I spent time with them, and it was ok, but it wasn’t amazing. It didn’t feel like the dream kitchen I’d always envisioned.

Within weeks of visiting that high street retailer, a friend of mine got in touch with a message that simply said ‘a little bird tells me you’re renovating your kitchen. I have a brand I’m working with that you might be interested in talking to…’ and there began my partnership with John Lewis of Hungerford.

I’d always seen their beautiful kitchens in magazines and I’d lusted over some of their styles. Everything seemed so beautifully made and the craftsmanship was of the top level. Could I possibly end up owning a JLH kitchen? They were BEAUTIFUL!

After a bit of back and forth, the brand so kindly said they would gift us a new kitchen including appliances in exchange for us sharing our experience and the finished result. We could NOT BELIEVE that this was happening to us! Fast forward about a year and I have to say the process has been amazing. I’m going to be honest about every step, the good and the bad, and I’m going to share the final look. We are OBSESSED.

Here’s how the kitchen looked before the renovation.


Working with JLH on the design was a breeze. You will be appointed your own designer who will work with you on ideas but without taking over. They know the materials to use, what can work where and can softly advise you but without making key design choices for you. We had Jacinta and she was such a babe. She really helped me pull this look together and trust me, Jason and I went back and forth a million times on colours and surfaces. She was cool and easy about all of it and nothing was ever a problem. I definitely wouldn’t have gotten this design to where it is now without her!

Caesarstone’s sleek concrete (grey slab), Beltrami terrazzo and paint samples from John Lewis of Hungerford

Caesarstone’s sleek concrete (grey slab), Beltrami terrazzo and paint samples from John Lewis of Hungerford


We wanted colour one minute and then something simple the next. weird for me I know as I’m colour obsessed but we knew that this flat wasn’t our forever home so we kept debating on whether to do neutral for when we come to rent / sell it. Of course we couldn’t go through with it and went colour and pattern all the way.

Screenshot 2019-03-11 at 15.02.18.png

We also wanted it to be very minimal in practicality - we had gone from having a fridge shoved in the middle of the room and loads of clutter so wanted the exact opposite. Simple lines and hidden appliances with ample storage.


We cleverly booked our installation to start during a two week break to LA so that we didn’t have to live with a makeshift kitchen inside a small flat. This was a great idea and I’d recommend it to anyone as it meant that when we got back we only had one day without a sink.

JLH were amazing in this sense - their installation team made it so easy for us by setting up temporary taps, putting the fridge into another room, wiring in the oven and plumbing in the washing machine asap so that we could still cook and wash our clothes. I couldn’t commend them more highly on this - I’ve heard horror stories of other people’s kitchens being out fo bounds for weeks and with kids and only one living space that’s was just not gonna run for us!

The installation did take time, the initial work about 4 weeks and then there were trips back to sort out the gorgeous Caesarstone worktops and stone for the backsplash. The stone needs to be templated and then cut to order so it does take longer but BOY IS IT WORTH IT. The sleek concrete Caesarstone worktops are absolutely stunning and so hard wearing.

The total time probably took from mid August when we went to LA to Mid September. But that wasn’t with workmen on site the whole time, that was 4 weeks solid and then little trips back for half a day here and there (very manageable).


The easiest way to show you this is just to show ya!

I absolutely love the hidden extra storage we have now! Everything just functions so. much. better.

…and integrated appliances means that you can focus on the design and overall look of the kitchen rather than a big fridge in the middle of the room (like it was before)!

Here’s a run down of all suppliers. I’ll be following up this blog post in the near future with more details on pricing breakdown.

Cabinetry - ‘Pure’ from John Lewis of Hungerford (gifted)

Appliances - Miele, apart from washing machine by Neff (gifted)

Tap - Quooker, custom coloured by Yardley BMS (gifted)

Worktops - Caesarstone Sleek Concrete (gifted)

Backsplash - Beltrami (gifed)

Flooring - Quickstep (already installed)

Paint - Valspar

Artwork - All posters

Clock - Made custom by Daniela Rubino (we organised)

Teatowel - House Anna (Gifted)

We’re so incredibly chuffed with this kitchen - a few months in and it’s still as much of a dream to use as the day it was completed. In my follow up blog I’ll be giving a price breakdown to how much a kitchen like this costs.

Sarah x