There’s nothing more I love than being able to get creative with a brand. I’ve been lucky enough to create some really cool installation for brands in the past, including Estee Lauder, Habitat and now, Flokk.

I worked with Flokk a few months ago to promote their H?G Futu Mesh office chair and so I was really excited to be asked back to showcase the H?G Capisco copper edition to celebrate the 75th year of the brand.

The small town where H?G chairs are handmade was once known for being a copper mining town, so the brand thought it would be a nice nod to their heritage to create an edition of copper based H?G Capisco chairs to celebrate. And don’t they look amazing?!


I was asked to create a small installation in store to show how I would style the amazing H?G Capisco chair. Not only does it look gorgeous but it’s also one of the best chairs I’ve ever sat in to work. It suits me so well - you can sit in a variety of ways on the chair and it’s counter balanced to never tip over so you can really be quite daring with how you sit to work, create and play.

Here’s a little video that we made talking about the installation and why I love the H?G Capisco so much!

Pricing starts from £822. If you want to try out the chair for yourself and see my installation in person you can visit the Flokk showroom in Clerkenwell at 63 Central St, London EC1V 8DT.

I’m also going to be running a little giveaway to win a copper edition H?G Capisco chair in any fabric colour of your choice! Stay tuned to my instagram for details coming very soon…

Sarah x